What is the most common part to fail on hvac?

Fan motors and fan motor resistors (also commonly known as fan motor speed control) are easily the most common components that fail in heating and air conditioning systems. These two components are an integral part of all systems from all manufacturers, brands and models. Many of the most common furnace repairs can be prevented with proper maintenance performed by a certified service contractor. Either way, it's best not to ignore these signs, as they can be a warning of a dangerous operating condition or lead to an oven failure. For more information on any of these common problems or any other HVAC questions you may have, contact the experts at Jennings Heating and Cooling.

The compressor may fail because the coils are dirty, causing it to operate at a higher temperature and therefore may need to be replaced. While some heating and air conditioning problems are simply due to cleaning the coils and filters, many of the 10 most common problems in heating and cooling systems will become much bigger problems if they don't are repaired in time.

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