What is most expensive part to replace in a furnace?

The three most expensive parts of an oven are the fan motor, the circuit board and the draft inductor motor. Another of the most common furnace repairs is the igniter. The igniter is what ignites the gas when it enters the heat exchanger and, since the igniter is always burning on fire, it accumulates carbon and eventually fails. The most expensive parts of a furnace include the fan motor, the heat exchanger and the ignition system.

The fan motor is responsible for circulating air around your home; if it fails or breaks down, you may need to replace the entire unit. The heat exchanger is used to transfer heat from the boiler combustion chamber to the home; if this unit has problems, you will need professional help to replace it to protect your family from possible carbon monoxide poisoning. Homeowners may be able to perform some boiler maintenance tasks themselves, such as replacing the filter or cleaning an outdoor air conditioning unit, but furnace repairs and replacement of parts are usually done by an experienced professional. Since the cost of replacing an oven and air conditioner is considerably more expensive than the cost of repairs, many homeowners carefully weigh the options between repair costs and replacement costs for HVAC units to make the most appropriate decision for them.

The upside is that they keep the air in your home clean, but that has the downside of constantly replacing them.

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